The Teach a Person to Fish Society

Mission Statement

The Teach a Person to Fish Society exists to: 1) supplement food bank resources of Eastern/Central Sussex County Delaware with fresh produce; 2) distribute healthy, individually packaged, ready-to-eat meals for those in immediate need; and, 3) employ and teach sustainable living practices which promote the use of renewable energy sources, cultivating and managing natural food resources, protecting clean water resources, and promoting ecological housing and waste management alternatives.


During the next year, The Society plans to create a network of community and private gardens to help serve charitable partners in Sussex County. To develop revenue, The Society plans to open at least three produce stands by April 2022. In order to combat hunger, The Society plans to develop and deploy at least three free access, little cupboard pantries by June, 2022.

Vision Statement

To construct an eco-village that serves its members, the local community, students, and visitors by employing and teaching sustainable living practices, while donating a large percentage of each harvest to charitable food bank/pantry outlets, and generating revenue from farm stands.

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